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Enrico & Aimee Airaga
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Our journey started in 2017, when we, along with our two children – (and now a third on the way!)  decided to buy two gorgeous Jack Russells – Simba and Nala. 

Knowing that Jack Russells are ideal for families and great with small children, we decided to have our first litter, and from there, our passion for breeding developed.

We truly love our dogs and they fill your home with so much joy. We wanted to be able to share that with  many others  so in 2019, we started expanding and decided to buy two purebred Boston Terriers. Then in 2020 we took a huge leap and bought four purebred French Bull Dogs.

Our spacious and secure property is a safe and ideal place to have our friendly kennel.

There is such a negative stigma when it comes to breeding, and we conduct all our breeding in the most natural way possible, providing a safe and happy environment for our dogs to have their families, with great bloodlines. 

Breeding is no easy task, but when done correctly and with high standards, it requires opening your home, constantly on watch to ensure that our puppies are feeding, safe and warm.

We can’t wait to share our love of dogs with you!

– Enrico and Aimee

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